Aspiring Actor's Network

Check out the new acting social site, Aspiring Actors Network, pointed out to me by aspiring actress Dana Bashor. The site lets you set up an actor’s blog with your own entries, photos and videos, and to invite friends to view your page. You can then become “friends” among the members, share your postings via Facebook or Twitter or subscribe to other members’ activities. The site is also open to models, writers, musicians and other folks in the entertainment community. All ethnicities, including Asians, are included, though the bios don’t break fields down by specific Asian origin. I guess you could always state that you’re a Filipino in your postings.

It’s entirely free but, as with many social sites, to join, you’ll need to state your full name, email address, city, state and your area network (i.e. Hollywood, New York, etc.) Be sure to adjust the Privacy Settings in the “My Page” tab, which, by default, allows anyone to access your page. The quick Search in the upper-right isn’t your only option in looking for members. Click the “Members” tab, and you’ll find an “Advanced Search” link about halfway down the page. You can search on any of the fields in the bio page such as city and state, and aspiration.

As for Dana Bashor, she and I also share a passion for genealogy. Her family tree is up on