Crews Control

Been receiving a ton of applications but haven't decided yet on crew for Helltown Buffet. Here's what's needed:

  • Stage Manager. Must be organized and proficient with email, because that's how we communicate offline.
  • Set Designer/Builder. Must be able to design and build a set on a very low budget. Resourcefulness is a must. I'm very open to any concepts you might have to fit the play. Costumer.
  • Costumes will cover modern to fantasy (for the sequences in hell and an eco-friendly Philippines afterlife) to Filipino tribal.
  • Choreographer to choreograph at least two dance sequences: one set in modern Southern California and another Ifugao-style tribal dance set in pre-Hispanic Philippines.
  • Sound Designer to select and design not only sound effect but music.
  • Lighting Designer.
  • Prop Master.
  • Two tech people to run the light and sound board.

If you're interested, email me a theater resume using the address on the left.